Ann & James's Zwiebelkuchen



200g flour

100g butter

1/4 tsp salt

Ice cold water (with ice cube) (maybe 20 ml)

Onion Filling for Zwiebelkuchen

6-7 big onions

30g butter

60g flour

100mL cream (OR 1/4L sour cream)

Dollop of cream cheese

3 eggs


1tsp cumin

100g bacon


I made this with Ann while I was staying with her and Hubert in Seeheim, Germany in 2014



Chop butter into small bits, mix with flour and salt with fingertips very quickly.

Add water and mix with knife. It shouldn’t be sticky. Should be able to make it in 30 seconds.

Flatten out and

Flour out a board, and roll out thinly. Can roll around rolling pin and then roll out onto pan.

Leave in fridge for a little while.

Enough pastry for a 30cm diameter pan with a side of 4cm.


Dice onions, and fry lightly in the butter. Mix the flour with the cream and cream cheese. Mix in the egg yolk, salt, cumin and cooled onions. Whip the egg white and fold into the mixture. Pour onto the pastry. Dice and fry the bacon and pour with the fat onto the top.

Put in the middle of the oven and cook at 200 degrees for 10min, then turn down to 180 for a further 30 min.

Cut and eat.