Doris's Crusty Stenarsbol Bread




150g Grovmalt Rågmjöl (Coarse ground rye flour)

850g Rågsikt (Sifted rye flour)

4 teaspoons salt (edit: maybe 5 teaspoons)

1 cube yeast

650 ml warm water


100g dinkel vollkornschrot/Grahams mjöl

100g Råg mjöl

100g dinkelmehl dunkel/Grahams mjöl

700g rågsikt med vetemjöl

3tsp sour dough powder

4tsp salt

650ml warm water


Mix all dry ingredients
Make a trough in the flour, break yeast and add some syrup and about 100ml water
Mix a little so it's a bit thick
Leave for half an hour
Mix remaining water
Wait 20 min
Put on tray and form
Wait 1/2 an hour
Put in oven @ 250 degrees C for 15 minutes, and 200 degrees C for 1 hour.