Felix's Creamy Tomato Soup

dinner, goto, vegetarian


1 onion


Crushed tomatoes

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

2 vegetable stock cubes

Oregano to taste


Creme fraiche


Fresh herbs


James: Felix came around and made this, then we made beer and played the Overcooked video game. We should have checked the density of the beer at this point so we could know the alcohol content, but we didn’t realise we needed a relative measurement. We will never know the alcohol content of our American Pale Ale.


Felix: Hi James! Sure you can get the recipe 🙂 for the normal amount I did it like this: I diced an onion, fried it in the pot in butter, then I added the crushed tomatoes (the chunky ones), salt, pepper, two broth cubes, a little water and some oregano (could be dried or frozen as well). Then let it cook lightly for like 15 min. Afterwards add a bit of cream and I like to serve it with fried bacon bits, creme fraiche and more fresh herbs, if available