Granny Phyl's Pikelets




1 egg

80g sugar

1 cups flour

1 tsp cream of tartar + 1/2 tsp baking soda


3g (1 tsp) baking powder

1 tsp golden syrup

25 g melted butter


1/4 cup cream

1/2 cup milk


Kate: Legendary. All farming wives learnt to make pikelets and scones, because they were so quick to make for shearers or haymakers. They were delivered out to the field of wool-shed just before they were needed, accompanied by thermoses of tea, and lemon drink. But of course they are also always acceptable at the most genteel tea-party, with whipped cream and home-made jam. This recipe makes enough for a 4-stand shearing gang. You might want to halve it.

James: This recipe is halved


1. Mix together well the eggs and sugar. If using melted butter, add it here. Mix it in quickly.

2. Mix together the cream (if used) and milk and add to the egg mixture.

3. Mix the dry ingredients together and stir into the egg mixture. Mix with a whisk. It should make a thickish mixture like a sponge cake mixture

4. Drop spoonfuls onto a hot frying pan or skillet and turn them over when bubbles appear on the top side.

These will keep a day in an airtight container, or will freeze well in a plastic bag.

Ideally eaten within an hour of making, buttered, and with jam and topped with cream.



James: I tried making these by adding frozen blueberries, but they didn’t come out very well.