hej ! here is a good recipe :

2 cups chickpeas

2 cloves garlic

Lemon juice (about half a glass)

3/4 cup tahini

1 teaspoon salt


If you bought dried chickpeas, soak them overnight (change the water once or twice so it does not stink) and then cook them: Boil for the first time, then rinse and then cook again for about an hour and a half until they are soft.
If the chickpeas are canned there is no need to do all of this

Put the chickpeas in a blender with half a glass of cold water and start grinding. While grinding add the rest of the ingredients (lemon, garlic and tahini). Some like humus more like a smooth spread and some like with some pieces of the chickpeas. Taste and see what you prefer 😊
It's very nice to serve it with olive oil on top


From Adi /Israel