Jesus's Gazpacho


8g of fresh garlic

285g of cucumber (peeled)

1170g of tomato (from brick. Add 30% if fresh)

380g baguette (or any seedless french bread. 300 if it's stale)

25g salt

87g wine vinegar (we used balsamic vinegar from LIDL)

155g olive oil extra (spanish if possible)

1250g water


You just blend it all together (stick blender recommended). Add the water last.

Different houses in Spain have very different recipes, some use onion, some use green bell pepper, some don't add the bread and soak bread in it when served, many use cold water or even ice (chilled gazpacho is a wonderful refreshment and takes a while to cool in the fridge) 🤤
I have been doing some trial-error and reached this recipe, which contains less garlic than I usually put. We also find that the vinegar is very important, passing from tasteless to good just by adding 10%. In any case if you use a different kind of vinegar, reduce the amount by about 20% in case the one you use has a higher concentration👨‍🔬
The energy content is about 56 Kcal/100g , which is not much, and it contains a whole lot of vitamins. One regular nocilla (non-spaniards would say nutella) -size glass would contain about 141 Kcal. It always sits well and it is extremely easy to digest. The only downside is that it contains little protein.
It seems to have very good antiseptic properties: it holds outside the fridge for at least 3 solid days (so far none of them have lasted longer than that). I suspect it's the garlic that keeps it good. The taste will change from day to day as some enzymes do their thing and certain compounds degrade

*I used to make the gazpacho for me and my family when I was a teenager, so that's why I have a tendency to do it in those quantities. I use a bucket.😂