Pita (isarel From Adi )


What you need to make PITA- (about 15 )

1 kg of plain white flour ( You can convert 50% to whole Dinkel flour or 100% white Dinkel flour)

1.5 tablespoons dry yeast

2 tablespoons brown sugar

3 tablespoons olive oil

2.5-3 (about 600 ml) cups of tap water (you can use little worm water)


How to make them ?
Mix the flour and the yeast. Then add the sugar, salt, and olive oil – mix again. Add the water gradually so the dough wouldn’t be too wet. Knead the dough for 10 minutes. Oil a bowl and let the dough rise in it for an hour/hour and a half – may take longer in Sweden then here.
Take the air out of the dough and split it to even dough bolls - about 15 - 110 gr each. Let it rest for the  second rise for 15 min on a floured tray.

Before you start flatten the pita Heat the oven to 220 degrees ( Celsius )and in it the metal oven tray upside -down(I will send you a picture) . Flatten each boll to a pita and arrange them on a baking paper- few each time. carefully, after the oven heated , slide the baking paper on top of the hot oven tray(this will make them crispy ) – bake for 4 mins – maybe less /more don’t know how powerful your oven is.. in the first try test the time you need to bake them.
After the baking you can freeze the pitas!
Have fun !