Thomas & Havi's Potato Salad

bbq, tomake


Waxy potatoes, cubed

Boiled eggs (maybe even a little bit soft) quartered

Best foods mayo

Dash or two apple cider vinegar (strong flavour!)

American mustard to taste

We don’t like celery or other veges

Chopped chives / parsley / dill for Swedes? Reserve some for garnish.

Salt and pepper to taste. We like lots of both


It’s important that the potatoes are cooked but not crumbly. And they need to be cold before mixing with mayo. I generally cook them with lots of salt, once done empty then put back on stove for a bit to evaporate the water. Ideally fairly dry so it doesn’t water down the mayo. We make the mayo mixture in the bowl and taste it until happy with the flavour.

Garnish with paprika, or even smoked paprika.



James: I like using best foods mayo, tarragon/apple cider vinegar, chopped spring onion, salt, pepper, eggs.