Sjöviken Ready for Summer

Warning: Don't turn on the internal electricity switch for the pump and heater unless each of them have water in them! (switches 1,2,3,13,14,15).

Outside Pump

  1. Open wooden lid.
  2. Close bottom metal screw (clockwise). This closes the pump tap (used to reduce the pressure).
  3. Close the black plastic screw (clockwise). This makes it so the water can come up and out of the pump.
  4. Set the pump to on (black button).

Note: The white-handled tap is always open. You don't need to change it.


Note: The water comes into the house through the black pipe. All of the water is controlled by the tap with the red handle.

  1. Close tap with red handle.
  2. Close the tap behind the toilet that is pointing downwards.
  3. Close the basin taps.
  4. Take off filters from basin taps.
  5. Close the tap under the basin.


  1. Turn off sink tap.
  2. Take filter off sink tap.
  3. Close both taps under sink.

Starting the power

  1. Turn on electricity for pump (13, 14, 15).
  2. Check the pump is working properly - the pressure should increase, and not go over the red. There should be no water spraying out of pump tap.
  3. Turn on the red tap in the bathroom.
  4. Run the hot tap until there are no more bubbles (around 1 minute)
  5. Turn the electricity for the water heater (1,2,3)